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Week 6 – Fixes and Feedback

August 16, 2009

We’re now entering our sixth week since Ruxter was launched way back on July 12th. We have been exceptionally pleased with how things are shaping up. As is typical with any new application, there have been a few bugs to work out, fortunately, none of them have been major and most have been fortuitous to have come across in these early days. Among the most visible:

– A problem with opting in to Ruxter sites using a keyword through Verizon’s network. This was an issue we had during the first week where several iPhone users could not text a keyword to 63636 and get a confirmation SMS back from the Ruxter site. Opting in was possible through searching and clicking “opt-in” through, just not through a keyword. This was a straightforward fix and has been working fine ever since.

– A more recently reported problem was an issue with accessing This was a peculiar bug in that it wasn’t consistent and didn’t affect everyone all the time. Working with our partners at Trilibis, we ultimately traced it to a balky router. John and Trilibis did whatever technical magic was required to kick the router in gear and that problem is no more.

Other than these two irritants, our technical concerns have been minor. We’ve used our weekly updates to clean up some UI issues, optimize code and fix various small items in the .com and .mobi areas. The feedback we’ve been getting from Ruxter site owners and people connecting to those sites through on their phones has been overwhelmingly positive.

Every bit of the feedback we receive – good, bad, and indifferent – helps us to keep improving Ruxter – to make the very best tool for mobilizing your message even better.

So keep your comments coming and keep texting those keywords to 63636 to spread the word about your Ruxter sites!

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