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Fresh and tasty mobile marketing nuggets

November 6, 2009

I subscribe to several email newsletters concerning the mobile internet, mobile marketing, telecom in general, etc. and the last couple days have been great for snippets of what’s to come and what people are saying about these spaces.

From Reggie Bradford at MediaPost:

“Today I bet the high school Friday night hang-out is a local restaurant or store such as a Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway or Bruster’s. These global brands have a massive presence but need to reach out and engage users where they live. With a local presence, these brands can offer coupons to encourage new product trial, run polls to see what is resonating and provide a local community bulletin board where people can share and collaborate.”

Translation: Give the local managers a chance to engage their audience so your brand looks and feels like a local business rather than a distant uncaring behemoth. The customer base for Best Buy in Yakima, WA is different than the one in Boca Raton, FL and your local managers know how to talk to them each since they live in these communities. Let them have a local mobile connection to their customers.

From Mobile Marketing Watch:

“The fact that text-messages are usually read by a user within 20 seconds means brands can start seeing results almost instantaneously, versus hours or days for a similar email marketing campaign.”

Translation: With the dynamism and personal nature you can now have conversations with your customer in near real-time and if you want, alter your message whenever you need to. Don’t forget that mobile marketing (especially with Ruxter) is much more cost effective than traditional marketing channels.

From Steve Smith at Media Post:

“My favorite stat of the day was that 22% of mobile Web access time takes place between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. Yes, we roll out of bed and first consult the cell phone, not just for messages but for information. The question now is, what marketer would not want to be prominent on this platform? Mobile is actually better than another medium. It is a reflex.”

Translation: Mobile is everywhere your customers are everyday. If you are not where they are then they may forget who you are and why you matter. I can’t stress enough the importance of mobilizing your company, non-profit, club, band, whatever you are and building your mobile voice and providing a connection which will likely become the first place they look for you.

Dale Knoop is the President of Ruxter and an industry-recognized pioneer of mobile data services. In 2005 Dale won an Emmy while serving as the GM for Sprint TV. In August 2009 he launched Ruxter which allows anyone to quickly and easily become part of the rapidly growing mobile internet with a fully optimized mobile website they can share with anyone. You can contact him here. Follow Ruxter on Twitter.

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