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An excellent rant indeed!

December 15, 2009

Hurrah to Steve Smith at MediaPost’s Mobile Insider blog for this excellent rant about things that need fixing in mobile.

Enough of the holiday cheeriness. Last week I called out some of my favorite things about mobile, from the renewal of the gaming sector on handsets to the emergence of real localized utility.

Bah! Humbug! This is what I get from watching too many holiday specials. I find myself sidetracked from my usual grumpiness. Look at the calendar. Only two weeks left in December for gratuitous editorial list-making. So much to whine about — so little time.

To wit: my wish list for things that still need fixing in mobile. Read more from Steve’s posting at MediaPost’s Mobile Insider blog.

To this I added a comment wishing for the permanent removal of the phrase “Sequences shortened.” which appears in every Apple iPhone ad. I would allow the concept back but only if it was changed to “yada-yada” as in “Ever been on a call and your friend asks you when the dinner reservation is? Yada Yada it’s at 6.”

Dale Knoop is the President of Ruxter, a mobile multimedia patents holder and an industry-recognized pioneer of mobile data services. In 2005 Dale won an Emmy while serving as the GM for Sprint TV. In August 2009 he launched Ruxter which allows anyone to quickly and easily become part of the rapidly growing mobile internet with a free, fully optimized mobile website they can share with anyone. You can contact him here. Follow Ruxter on Twitter.

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