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Don’t call us, we’ll call you

February 1, 2010

For those of you on the fence about the importance of text messaging here’s some encouraging news:

According to a new survey published last week by Dialogue Communications, just over 80 percent of people said they would also be interested in a customer service text call-back request capability.

Users also indicate a high willingness to opt-in to SMS alerts for everything from appointment reminders to bill payments.

The study, which asked participants if  they would like to receive appointment reminders, found that although only three percent of people currently receive reminders by text – with 83 percent coming in the mail – over 67 percent would be happy to receive text reminders or alerts in the future.  Furthermore, nearly 60 percent would actually opt-in for a text reminder service.

Respondents cited text messaging’s convenience over email and if you recall one of my posts from last year, there is a growing group of younger adults who don’t even use email.

I have been mulling this over for a few months and this report establishes what I think will be the new “normal” in customer service.

It’s this: I don’t call you… call me.

Think of the convenience of no longer dealing with an IVR. Who invented these things in the first place? Then, think of no more muzak. Add to this no more waiting on hold. Voila! A ready made opportunity to change the customer service paradigm.

Imagine you run a hardware store. You have a free Ruxter site and you leverage Ruxter’s ability for anyone who visits your site to send you a text-to-email message. It’s springtime and your customers want to know if you have dandelion control products. The visitor to your Ruxter site simply sends you a message with their callback number and their question. All you have to do is call them back and say yes, we do have what you’re looking for.

Frankly, I would love this and it’s a great way to demonstrate you’re thinking like your customer.

Get yourself a free Ruxter site today. Your customers are ready for this kind of change.

Dale Knoop is a mobile multimedia patents holder and an industry-recognized pioneer of mobile data services. In 2005 Dale won an Emmy while serving as the GM for Sprint TV. In August 2009 he launched Ruxter which allows anyone to quickly and easily become part of the rapidly growing mobile internet with a free, fully optimized mobile website they can share with anyone. You can contact him here. Follow Ruxter on Twitter.

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