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Watch where you step, the mobile web is everywhere

May 24, 2010
The mobile web is everywhere

The mobile web is everywhere

In numerous conversations over the last few weeks where mobile phones have come up, I’ve been asked about the market share of so-called smart phones.  I quote the statistics of 17% in the U.S. (per Commscore) and just a little less globally, and then I mention that penetration in the US for smart phones will likely more than double to near 50% in the next twelve months.  To which the response is usually, “Really? No way!”  And accessing my not so bottomless depth of wit, I reply “Way!”

The interesting part of this though, is that the growth of internet usage on mobile devices is paralleling the growth of smart phones!  When you think about the sheer numbers involved, that’s pretty amazing.  If you’re a business of some sort, what this means is that your customers are now searching for your website and viewing it on their mobile device.  And to give yourself a good jolt, if you haven’t looked at your website on a mobile phone, take a minute and check it out.  I’m not talking about using an iPhone – which account for only 4% of the total US market and do a reasonable job of rendering your site – assuming it doesn’t use Flash :-).  If you don’t have a mobile optimized website yet, you might be in for quite a shock.

The bottom line is mobile phones aren’t just for phone calls and texting anymore.  So, if your marketing and awareness budget doesn’t include a plan to create a mobile presence, it’s probably time to revisit the budget.  The mobile web is here now.  And it’s growing.

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