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The Importance of Mobile K.I.S.S.

October 1, 2010

KISS MobileA recent study from Gomez “When Seconds Count” National Consumer Survey on Website and Mobile Performance Expectations notes that slow-loading mobile Internet sites continue to turn off consumers.

The article makes some vital points for any business interested in engaging in mobile marketing

  • 32% of consumers will start abandoning slow sites between 1 and 5 seconds
  • Over 37% say it makes them less likely to return to the site.
  • Half of users expect websites to load as quickly, almost as quickly or faster on their mobile phone, compared to their home computer
  • Web users say that speed is much more important than functionality for most sits. Only banking, medical and travel sites are evenly split between the two.

In talking to small businesses about mobile marketing, our position at Ruxter is that effective mobile marketing combines ‘being seen’ (with a mobile website) with ‘being heard’ (by texting to reach customers directly).

As the Gomez report thoroughly indicates, the vital piece of ‘being seen’ with a mobile website is not about additional features and functionality that make the site more of a PC web experience; the important part is in ensuring that the site loads quickly and provides useful information to the consumer.

At Ruxter, we’ve taken the approach that a self-service template keeps businesses within a framework of quick-to-load and easy to navigate content.  It’s simple and effective.

But whether you’re using the Ruxter mobile template to begin a mobile marketing campaign or developing a custom page for your business, the importance of developing a ‘mobile internet home’ that is designed for a fast customer experience is absolutely vital.

As the Gomez report notes, seconds count in mobile performance.  The mobile web experience is not the PC experience in miniature – remember your mobile K.I.S.S – Keep it Short and Simple.  Design your home on the mobile web to give your customers the vital information about your business quickly and you’ll be well on your way to effective mobile marketing.

Mike Craig - VP Marketing at RuxterMike Craig is a co-founder and VP of Marketing of Ruxter.  Mike has worked in IT consulting, project management, design and marketing for 15 years on projects throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.  Together with the Ruxter team he has developed a web-based application that allows anyone to quickly and easily harness the power of the mobile internet. You can contact Mike here and follow @ruxtermobi on Twitter.
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