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Bringing clarity to the mobile space for SMB’s

November 17, 2011

ClarityGoogle recently announced an initiative called GoMo. Google’s objective with the initiative is to help provide businesses with some direction as they begin entering the rapidly materializing mobile space. Even if Google’s ulterior motive of gaining new advertising clients is fairly obvious, it’s still a noble and much needed resource. However, after seeing what they created and the broad scope of the information presented, it made me realize that we at Ruxter need to launch our own initiative to improve the resources we currently provide to small businesses.

Mobile marketing options for small businesses have never numbered so many, nor created such a confusing and overwhelming set of choices for the average small business owner. Consequently, Ruxter’s resources will differ from those of GoMo, in that we will provide information and guidance developed and presented to be especially useful to small businesses.

Over the next few weeks we will begin creating publicly available mobile resources and will do our best to clarify the mobile landscape and help small businesses put these new technologies to use.

John Epperson

John Epperson is a co-founder and President of Ruxter. Having worked in various fields across the technology spectrum in the last 20+ years, John has gained a broad understanding of technology. Together with the Ruxter team he has developed a web-based application that allows small businesses to quickly and easily harness the power of the mobile internet. You can contact him here. Follow Ruxter on Twitter.

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