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Mobile vs. Social Media (aka the express lane vs. the traffic jam)

March 8, 2012

Last week Facebook released a statistic that was like a flashing red beacon for me. Businesses, take note: if you’re using Facebook to engage your customers, only 12% of status updates are seen by your fans. Yes, that’s right, only 12% of what you post is seen by another person. Details here, courtesy of Tech Crunch.

At first that’s kind of surprising, but intuitively it makes sense – the average number of friends per Facebook user is 245, according to Pew Research. This means that as a business, you’re competing for the attention of your customer alongside 245 of their friends. Even if you’re a gambler those aren’t very good odds. Apply this logic to other social media sites and it’s obvious that social media is not the ideal medium for grabbing the attention of your customers.

In contrast to those stats, mobile may as well be a direct connection to your customer. Consider these numbers: 98% of text messages are read, and over 90% of those are read within 3 minutes of receipt (per studies done by Nielsen and others). This makes it easy to see why mobile is now considered the most valuable marketing channel.

Whether you’re running a small business or national chain, numbers like these make it crystal clear that mobile must be a priority in any marketing efforts. But remember, it’s a valuable channel to your customers too! When you’re delivering promotions or news, make it worthy of that direct connection.
John Epperson

John Epperson is a co-founder and President of Ruxter. Having worked in various fields across the technology spectrum in the last 20+ years, John has gained a broad understanding of technology. Together with the Ruxter team he has developed a web-based application that allows anyone to quickly and easily harness the power of the mobile internet. You can contact him here. Follow Ruxter on Twitter.

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